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Historical photos found on this site are brought to you courtesy of the Franklin County Historical Society. For these and over
10,000 other photos visit their collection  housed at the Franklin County Records Center, 1140 W. 7th Terrace, Ottawa, Kansas

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Materials on this page brought to you courtesy of the Franklin County Genealogical Society. 
For additional information concerning membership or research in Franklin County, Kansas
please write to our society at P.O. Box 353, Ottawa, KS 66067.
e-mail us at:

Kansas History Links
1856 Troubles in Kansas; Congressional Report
Resources of Kansas; by Clinton C. Hutchinson; 1871
The Annals of Kansas, 1832-1911; by Daniel Wilder
1883 Andreas History of Kansas
Kansas Historical Quarterly Articles
History of Kansas and Kansans, compiled by William E. Connelley, 1918

Franklin County Information on Kansas State Historical Society Site


U.S. Census Bureau, Information for Franklin County, Kansas

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